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Start saving energy and money today

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program is proud to offer rebates on qualified heating and cooling equipment and water heaters through the COOLAdvantage and WARMAdvantage energy efficiency programs. 

Step 1: Verify Your Eligibility

  • Make sure you have purchased, installed and are operating high-efficiency equipment, as outlined in the applicable COOLAdvantage and WARMAdvantage Eligible Measures List— FY 2019 or FY 2020.
  • Your new equipment must be installed in an existing New Jersey home; installations of equipment in new homes are not eligible.
  • If your new equipment is powered by oil, propane, or electricity supplied by a municipal or co-op electric, funding for your rebate is very limited.  Please verify funding availability before you begin your application.
  • You must submit your application within 180 days of the equipment purchase date.  

Step 2: Get Ready to Apply

  • Have your utility account numbers—both electric and heating—on hand to enter.  Please note: Your electric utility account number is required, as you will need to enter that under Step 3 (at right) in order to start your rebate application.  You will also need your electric utility account number to finish an application you may have not completed or to check your rebate status, at a later date.
  • You will need your contractor’s help to complete the following required information on the application:
    • Your contractor’s business information: company name, address, daytime phone and email.
    • Technical specifics about your new equipment.
  • You will be prompted during the application to upload documents, as noted below, some of which will need to be prepared and provided by your contractor.  You may scan or take a clear photo of your documents, in order to upload. Please note: There may be delays in processing your rebate application if all required documents are not included.

List of Documents to Upload

For both Cooling & Heating Equipment


  1. Copy of itemized Contractor’s Invoice—marked PAID—and clearly indicating:
    • Customer name & installation address
    • Date of purchase
    • Equipment Manufacturer and Model & Serial numbers for each installed unit. If multiple systems are installed, please clearly designate the model and serial numbers per system.
    • Total Installation Cost (equipment + labor)
  2. AHRI Certificate rating sheet
    • Provided by your contractor and found at
    • If unavailable, a copy of the ENERGY STAR listing is acceptable.
  3. Manual J heating/cooling load report and Manual S selection
    • Prepared and provided by your contractor
    • EXCEPTION: Manual J & S are not required for water heater installations
    • (not required for equipment purchased after June 30,2019)
  4. Municipal Building Permit - either of the following is acceptable:
    • Permit number entered on portal
    • Copy of the Permit uploaded
    • Copy of Permit Application uploaded

Preferred, but not required

  1. UPC Code, showing model and serial numbers – you may take a photo or scan and then upload
    • The serial number may be located on the product or equipment, the package the product came in or your contractor’s invoice.

Step 3: Start Your Application

Please enter your last name, utility providers and account numbers here, then click Next to get started:

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Electric Provider *
Gas Provider *